2007 Culinary Academy Awards Gala

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Southern Wine & Spirits Reception at the Culinary Academy Awards

Dr. John Kinsella, President ACF - American Culinary Federation with Noreen Kinney, President  Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards
Erin Rosas, Rosas Organics Farm, with her daughter Lola and Executive Assistant Georgia
Frank DeLucia, President Abilities Foundation, with Mary Ellen DeLucia and Noreen Kinney
Mary Ellen DeLucia with Noreen Kinney
Eileen Braden (Spain) with Entertainer 'Frankly Sinatra' and Dolores Kaufman  
Sandy Wojick (St. Petersburg) with Catherine Fulvio (Ireland)



Culinary Academy Awards Presentation at the Gala Dinner

Display of the Awards
Tim Wilkins, Master of Ceremonies for the Gala Evening greets the Audience. Tim is the host of the CBS TV Morning Show 'Studio 10'  

Tonya Valdez, Southern Wines & Spirits, Sponsor of the Culinary Academy Awards presents the Awards to the  Cookbooks and Culinary Arts Winner

Illustrated Cookbook 'Club Cuisine'  -  Ron Manville (photographer - Rhode Island ) with Dr. Edward Leonard (author - New York) 

Culinary Entertainment  Book 'Margaret's Table' - Margaret and Larry Dickenson  (Ottawa, Canada)
  International Cookbook Vikram Vij - 'Vij's Indian Cuisine' Co 
author Meeru Dhalwala was unable to attend the Awards event.
Travel Cookbook - 'Savor'- Royal Caribbean International Cookbook'  Corinne Lewis (France and Florida) representing the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Self Published 'Grains, Greens and Grated Coconuts' - Ammini Ramachandram (India and Texas) 
Baking Cookbook  Pat Sinclair (Minnasota)  - Baking Basics
Culinary Article 'Act Locally' by Joe Mooney. The Award was accepted by  Chef Joe Aiello, National Treasurer of the ACF -  American Culinary Federation. The article was published in the ACF students magazine 'Sizzle' .
Margaret and Larry Dickenson receive the Published Recipe Award
Dinah Koo &  Janice Poon (Toronto, Canada) receive the Cordon d' Or Merit Award 2007 for their book 'The Cocktail Chef'.  



Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Cash Award

Noreen Kinney, President Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon announces the winner of the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Cash Award.
Ammini Ramachandram is presented with the Cash Award - a check for $1000.00.  Ammini was chosen by the Judges to win the Award for her book 'Grains, Greens & Grated Coconuts'.


Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards

Winners are nominated and voted to win these awards by the

members of the Academy of the Culinary Arts  

Dr. Edward Leonard - Immediate Past President of the ACF - American Culinary Federation receives the Culinary Hall of Fame Award
Dr. Leonard, who will lead the American Culinary Olympics team to the Culinary Olympics in Germany this year addresses the audience
Sandip Patel (Florida) & J Randall Williams (New York), accept the Culinarian of the Year Award for their Partner Chef Robert Irvine - Dinner: Impossible
Al Rosas - Rosas Organics Farm receives the Culinary Entrepreneur Award
Richard Sandoval & Chef Josephina (New York and Mexico) - receive the Cuisine of the Year for 'Pampano' - Mexican Seafood Cuisine
Catherine Fulvio (Ireland) accepts the Award for the Cooking School of the Year - Ballykocken, Ireland 



Dr. John Kinsella, President  ACF - American Culinary Federation, receives the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon President's Award 2007, presented to the American Culinary Federation.



Surprise Award given out at the end of the evening:

Dr. John Kinsella awards the ACF President's Medallion to Noreen Kinney, for her many years of work and achievements in the culinary world, and for her efforts to 'give back' to the culinary field, and recognizing many ACF members who have won Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Awards  over the years.


Curtain Call:

Executive Chef Mark Heimann together with his team at the Renaissance Vinoy, is introduced to the audience attending the

Gala Dinner

Parisa Ambwani (California and Persia) Self Published Book Award Winner 2005, congratulates Ammini Ramachandran, Winner of the Self Published 2007 Award, and Winner of the Cash Award 2007. Parisa also won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2005, and has established herself as the  21st Century 'Philosopher in the Kitchen' , a title given to her by Cordon d' Or.



Absentee Winners were acknowledged by Tim Wilkins during the evening: The Bios/photos of the absentee winners can be seen on the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon web site  

Culinary Life Achievement - Janice Longone (Michigan)  

Chef of the Year - Lars Kronmark (Denmark and California)  

Culinary Literature - Natalie MacClean (Canada)  

Culinary Magazine - 'Real Food'  Alexia Alexiadou (Greece)  

Illustrated Cookbook  'Tolarno Bistro'  (co winner - Australia)  Iain Hewitson & Bob Hart (Authors) & Greg Elms (Photographer)  

Health & Diet  'Eat Well Cookbook ' (Australia) Jan Purser & Kathy Snowball (authors)   

Merit Award Winners:  

'The 100 Mile Cookbook' -  Alisa Smith and J B MacKinnon  

'King of the Q'S Blue Plate BBQ ' - Ted Reader


Photography by Dr. Kenneth Neifeld





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