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 Bio: Margaret & Lawrence ‘Larry’  Dickenson

Margaret Dickenson

Margaret’s Table - Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining Margaret’s Table - Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining, book, self-published by Margaret Dickenson, has just won a third international award.  Cordon d’Or - Gold Ribbon International Annual Cookbook and Culinary Arts Awards 2007 selected it to win the  Culinary Entertainment Cookbook Award. The ceremonies are to be held on January 12, 2008 at the beautiful Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. Judges "expressed comments that the book is beautiful with excellent presentations throughout of both the recipes and the photography". Margaret,  and her husband, Larry, who took all the photos for this book, will attend the ceremonies.

This adds to the two earlier awards – Best Entertaining Cookbook in the World at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards which were held in Beijing in April 2007, and on 1 June 2007, it took a Bronze Award in the cookbook category at the 11th Annual International Independent Publisher Book Awards in NYC.

Also for the third year in a row, Margaret Dickenson has captured the Published Recipe Award at the Cordon d’Or - Gold Ribbon International Annual Cookbook and Culinary Arts Awards 2007 with her unique Prosciutto-Wrapped Wasabi Pears. (This recipe is on pages 88-89 of Margaret’s Table. It appeared in Diplomat and International Canada. For the recipe, please visit the Awards tab of her website


Lawrence ‘Larry’  Dickenson

Larry was in Canada’s Foreign Service for 28 years. A total of 20 years was spent living overseas with his wife Margaret; in Vienna, Belgrade, Moscow, Brussels, Cairo, Seoul, Kuwait and Jakarta. He was Canada’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Indonesia.  On his return to Canada, he entered the Privy Council Office which provides support to the Prime Minister and the Canadian Cabinet.


Since retirement, after 35 years of public service, Larry turned his attention to his great love of excellent food and his major interest in photography. Now, he works closely with his wife, Margaret on her culinary projects. His photographic talents appear in Margaret’s new book. Margaret, like many a Foreign Service spouse, traveled the world with Larry, hosting thousands of guests in their homes in 8 different countries. Now Larry is returning the favor to help Margaret. He calls it “delayed reciprocity”


Updates on Margaret and Larry's Bios

Margaret and her husband, Larry, have been teaching young Kuwaiti and Iraqi diplomats at Carleton University, Ottawa on the finer points of Business Protocol and Social & Dining Etiquette. Margaret is a guest chef at the Ottawa Wine and Food Show, the largest show of its kind in Canada. She is guest presenter at many charitable fund raising events in Ottawa, including the Ottawa Public Library Foundation, Home Economics Association, Rotary and the IODE.  Margaret is a judge for the Ottawa/Gatineau Gold Medal Plates competition. This fun competition pits top chefs against each other in several large cities to raise funds for Olympic athletes.

Margaret has been invited to represent Canada at a Korean Food Workshop to be held in Seoul and Jeonju, Korea from 16 to 19 November. Sponsored by the Korean Foundation and the Korean Society of Food and Culture, 15 media food writers and culinary experts from around the world, with an interest in Korean food, have been selected to participate. Others will represent France, USA, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This unique workshop will include presentations on Korean Royal cuisine and traditional regional food.

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