Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon

is pleased to present the Bios and Photographs of the Winners in the

Annual International CookBooks and 'Culinary Arts' Awards - 2007


                 Al Rosas            

Culinary Academy Award



Al is the owner of Rosas Farms.  Al has been a respected leader in the field of organics for nearly two decades.  Chef Al is an award winning nutritionist, and a staunch environmentalist, a health radio talk show host, author and global eco-consultant on organic trending, the farm to plate movement and sustainable table.  Al Rosas' work has led to groundbreaking changes within the organic food industry.  His work includes locating and preserving America's finest artisan food products and helping small farmers find markets for these products, to sustain their farms and families for future generations. He is currently working with a number of distributors including SYSCO and Global Organics foods to bring awareness and availability of these fine products back to the public. The Rosas Farms model of Pragmatic Organic SM Living has been adopted by thousands of families nationwide.  Al combines his innovation and expertise of cross ethnic food preparation to make organic cooking, easy, fun and healthy. With deep roots in the organic community and dedication to children's health and our food supply, Al Rosas is truly The Organic Chef. Go to: 


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