Cordon d'Or - Gold Ribbon

is pleased to present the Bios and Photographs of the Winners in the

Annual International Culinary Academy Awards - 2008





Culinary Academy Awards




Chef and Restaurateur Tommy Klauber

Pattigeorge’s – Long Boat Key, FL

Polo Grill and Bar & Fête Catering – Lakewood Ranch, FL


Renowned chef and restaurateur, Tommy Klauber has been in the restaurant and hospitality business for nearly 35 years.  He earned his degree from the Culinary Institute of America and a diploma from La Varenne’s Ecole de Cuisine (Paris, France).  Coupled with fine restaurant experience throughout Europe, Klauber has both American regional and international culinary experience.  Klauber grew up working in his family’s resort, The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort (Longboat Key, FL) and also opened two restaurant operations of his own, Pattigeorge’s (Longboat Key, FL) in 1997 and Polo Grill & Fête Catering (Lakewood Ranch, FL) in late 2007.  Both reflect his diverse culinary background, global influences and his commitment to fresh, local, sustainable, quality food.  The result is innovative cuisine with exciting flavors and hospitality to match the quality of the food.  Outside of his restaurant operations, Klauber has co-founded The Colony’s “Stone Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival” and the “Florida Winefest & Auction” of Sarasota. Among Klauber’s other achievements are serving on the Board of Directors, for the International Culinary Tourism and the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance recognized by “Chefs in America” as an outstanding chef in the U.S., and receiving the James Beard Foundation, “Rising Stars of American Cuisine” award.  In addition, Klauber has lead the culinary travel adventures of the Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club travelers throughout various regions of the world and most recently, created and hosted a community ‘Farm to Fork’ event featuring on local, sustainable ingredients and the farmers.


Klauber’s worldly experiences as a chef are prevalent in his cooking, restaurants and leadership.  His passion for global cuisine married with his strong community ties is what sets him apart as a chef and proprietor in every endeavor he pursues.




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