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              So much has happened since our 2007 Winter Edition of Culinary Voices of America. In  late January, we did send out a brief report by e mail, with coverage on the Culinary Academy Awards Gala Evening, and directed folk to the Sarasota website to view the photos. Dave Simmons, our web master has placed many photos onto the Cordon d’ Ot web site.  Take a look via the link on the Home Page.  The lady you will see in most photos presenting the Awards is Tonya Valdez. Tonya represented Southern Wine and Spirits, who were the Sponsors of the Culinary Academy Awards.


              There are some very interesting plans under way for the 2008 Culinary Academy Awards Program, and especially the Awards Presentation that will take place in 2009. We will make an announcement on this in due course. In the meantime, Dave, who is also one of our team of Culinary Judges (Culinary websites) is busy updating information on the 2008 Program, on our website. At the same time, behind the scenes, he is also working on a new website for Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon International Culinary Academy Awards. We hope to launch the new site by early May, and will let you know when this happens.


              The Media were very good to us, and the publicity coverage is still on going, and featured in several magazines and papers in their March issues. Several TV stations covered the event too, FOX, CBS and NBC. Special thanks go to Tim Wilkins, who had Chef Mark Heimann and I on the CBS morning Show – Studio 10. Tim did an excellent job as the Master of Ceremonies at the Gala Evening, The feed back on Tim’s presentations are very complimentary, and Tim was very popular with the audience.   I sincerely hope he will honor us again with his presence at the next Culinary Academy Awards. Larry Cotton at NBC provided excellent coverage on the Gala evening, and after two false starts, it was aired during February.


              I will be with Tim again on CBS TV on St. Patrick’s Day, and will do a presentation of dishes from the new Irish cuisine, and show comparisons between the old and new cuisine.  I am looking forward to it, and plan to include a salmon dish that I was asked to create in the early 1970s in Ireland, in celebration of Ireland’s entry into the European Community – the EEC, as it was called in those far off times.  Also, I intend to do a most unusual Grape Dessert that always surprises and delights people when they see how simple and delicious it is. Both recipes are in my original cookbook published by Mercier Press in Ireland in the mid 1970s. At the time, I was organizing ‘Culinary Tours’ throughout the Emerald Isle, pioneering the idea and movement for a new Irish cuisine. The book is called ‘Cooking Irish Style today’. Today, copies can be obtained through, as the book is now out of print.


              I am going to keep this edition of Culinary Voices of America short, but we do have some news from several Members of the Academy of the Culinary Arts




Carol Penn Romine (Hollywood, CA)

Carol Penn-Romine's essay titled "No Bones About It" has been selected for
inclusion in Cornbread Nation 4: The Best of Southern Food Writing, which is
being published by The University of Georgia Press in April. Carol is a food
writer and tour director who recently began her own culinary tour business,
Hungry Passport Culinary Adventures. You can visit her website at


John Minniti (Treasure Island, Florida)

 I just wanted to let you know that Jackie's book has been published. If you want to check it out, you can go to her website by clicking on this link:


Maria Springer (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Maja's Viennese Kitchen

Would like to announce that her……

Gingerbread House Decorating-Afternoons, and Christmas Teas following each session, has been the most successful year in all the years past. Maria organizes 3 weekends before Christmas Decorating Afternoons, for children 5 to 12 year old. Every child is accompanied by an adult, and everyone decorates a pre-built Gingerbread House, offering, attending children, a selection of about 35 different candies, Royal Icing in pastry bags with a proper tip, to decorate their very own house.  However, this year even teenagers came and had sessions as well. This year Maria had 80 children and that many adults come through her home in three weekends - a small Home Based Cooking School.


Al Rosas (Ocala, Florida)

Rosas Farms was awarded a US Chamber of Commerce America's Small Business Award and we're still in the running for US Chamber United States America's Small Business to be determined in April.  “On March 7th we can tell you officially that we are a region finalist but can't say anything yet. We are currently finalists in the Gallo Gold Medal All Artisan Award and Best Artisan Beef in the United States.  Al was asked to be a keynote speaker at Le Cordon Bleu in Mirimar, and he was asked to cook at the Republican National Conference in Minneapolis but that is not confirmed yet either. The USDA called us from Washington to thank us and encourage us to apply to the VAPG so that we could use the grant money to continue to help other farmers. I've attached a letter from Kurt. Charlie Crist is writing a letter for us as is Senator Martinez (who called the USDA without our knowledge) and Commissioner Bronson. We'll use the funding to teach food service professionals about the value of organic, sustainable and local farming as well as helping Florida farmers convert to grass-fed and organic production.”  Al is speaking/cooking on stage at the OTA All Things Organic, the largest organic trade show in the world.  Bobby Flay will be there with him as he is the keynote speaker in Chicago April 28. Al is currently nominated for the Organic Trade Association's Farming Leadership Award.  We find out in two weeks if he won. Go to:


Margaret Dickenson (Canada)

"Margaret Dickenson, internationally recognized hostess was invited to create a menu using recipes from her multi-award winning cookbook, Margaret's Table - Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining, for a exclusive 7-course, black tie charity dinner. Ten couples paid a considerable amount to join Margaret who managed a chef and several sous-chefs to prepare and plate this feast. The dinner took place in a beautiful private home in Southern Florida."


Ammini Ramachandran (India & Texas)

Ammini Ramachandran’s book Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts (a Cordon d’Or Cookbook Award Winner) is among the 2007 Literary Awards Semi-Finalists announced by the Reader Views Literary Book Awards. Finalists will be announced later in March. Her book was among the four self published cookbooks ranked together as #76 in the February 2008 issue of Saveur's top 100 list. In November 2007 she presented at the tenth annual Worlds of Flavor Conference and Festival entitled "Rise of Asia: Culinary Traditions of the East and Flavor Discovery in 21st Century America" at The Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley.


Parisa Ambwani (San Francisco, CA)

Parisa, a former Culinary Entrepreneur Winner and Self Published book Winner, came to Florida to attend the recent Culinary Academy Awards.  She brought with her, a copy of her new book Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace. It is a very beautiful book from the lady we titled previously ‘The Philosopher in the Kitchen’. Maybe Parisa will enter it for an Award in the future. In February, Parisa told us that she has a new web site. You can access it at  Congratulations! Parisa, your web site is superb, and Dave, our Web Master was very impressed with it. Perhaps at some future date, you might want to enter it in the Culinary Website Award section.



Ignacio Urquiza (Mexico)

Ignacio was one of four former Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Award Winners who joined us at the International Culinary Academy Awards Gala evening. He flew in from Mexico. In 2005, Ignacio won the Award for Culinary Photography with his photograph taken in Paris. And in 2006, “Nacho’ as his friends call him, was voted to win the ‘Culinary Life Achievement’ Academy Award. Ignacio is a world renowned photographer who travels the world with his photograph assignments.


Ted Reader (Canada)

Ted contacted us to apologize as he was unable to come to Florida in January. He informed us that he has a new book due for publication this year Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Grilling. Good luck Ted!


Greg Patent (Missoula, MT, USA)

Greg sent his apologies that he was unable to attend the Gala Awards. However, he very kindly sent a gift of his new book ‘A Baker’s Odyssey’, celebrating time-honored recipes from America’s rich immigrant heritage. It is a beautiful book. Greg has been on several TV programs preparing recipes from the book.  


A Final word about St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day is traditionally held on 17 March. This year, the Vatican has ordered it to be moved to 15 March because an early Easter causes 17 March to fall in Holy Week. No liturgical feast may take place during Holy Week, so St Patrick had to give way. The last time St Patrick was 'bumped' was 1940; the next time he faces ecclesiastical eviction from the 17 March won't be until 2160. No matter, many people will still celebrate the day on March 17.


Best Wishes


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