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I hope you have enjoyed a pleasant summer and all is well with you, your family and friends.

I am sending this edition of the Culinary Voices of America to all former Culinary Academy Award Winners, and members of the Academy of the Culinary Arts. We are almost at the end of the summer and have fallen way behind with everything through unexpected developments that happened this year. For this I must apologize and hope you will understand as we try to get back on track again for the upcoming year. We hope that by next week, we will have caught up on everything.


To briefly explain, I became ill early in May, and was unable to stand up let alone walk for awhile. My lower back has been a major problem for me throughout my life. Finally, I had to undergo three medical procedures, rest up as much as possible and give it a chance to heal - although I am told it will never be 100%. Then, unexpectedly, I got a thoroughly nasty virus (I was probably very run down) that took over for about six weeks. I could not take two steps without getting thoroughly breathless; had to sit down or go back to bed and rest. I feel as if the summer has passed, and I spent most of it 'in bed'. The doctor has treated this awful virus which was very frightening, and finally, I am beginning to feel some strength returning. I do not get breathless after a couple of steps, and am 'listening' to my doctors that I need to take care of No 1, for if one's health goes....then one is really in trouble. I gave up the morning work...or rather I should say it gave me up, and I feel so much better for it. For over five years, I had agreed to work part time for an organization who have been around for over 40 years, funded by the Federal Government. I did the monitoring of senior dining sites and day care centers throughout the Tampa Bay area, and was available to fill in sometimes if a dining site coordinator went on vacation or was out ill for the day. I was also checking out some of the MOW Meals on Wheels services too - 'spot checks' - to see that everything was in compliance with State, Health and Government regulations. For a while, they did have an 'on call person' who did a lot of the MOW and other work. However, she quit and they never replaced her, probably due to the recession. So, I was doing a lot of extra work. I began to notice it was taking its toll on me this year. I would come home by mid afternoon, and all the energy was sucked out of me. Not surprising, when one considers that some of the monitoring involved two hours of drive time to get to and from the premises. So glad to be out of it now, and so glad to feel that my strength is slowly returning. However, several things have fallen behind. Many of the team have been away or out of the country for the summer. Mary Anne has been away too, with her three sons on their summer vacation break. She returns to work this week. So, we hope to get back on track during September.


The International and Florida Culinary Academy Awards Programs for 2010 - 2011 are underway.....and that means asking you for your assistance. Every year, we give a complimentary membership to the Academy of the Culinary Arts, to winners of the Culinary Academy Awards. In return, we ask each and every one of you to participate annually in helping us to choose future winners. Over the years, with your help, we have produced a great list of winners, who then participate annually in helping us find future winners. It costs you nothing to participate, other than an e mail to us with nominations. As a former winner, it will give you the opportunity to give other people in the culinary world a chance to receive the recognition they deserve. We have several Awards in both the International and the Florida Programs. If you can put on your thinking cap and send us an e mail with suggestions of names and ways to contact the persons you nominate, as soon as possible, you will be giving back to the culinary world too. We must have contact information for every nomination (an e mail address or such). Otherwise, often a Nominee's name gets eliminated if we cannot contact them. We get in touch with all Nominees. We do not tell them who nominated them, but need their approval to allow their name to go forward. Some Nominees decline to allow their names to go forward, or ask for a rain check. We prepare a short list which goes back out to you for your final vote, and everyone knows that not everyone can win an Award. We want to start this process early this year so it can be followed through as soon as possible, as it does take a lot of time and work to get through it all. Below are the different categories for the International and Florida Programs. If you go onto our web site, you can look at the recent power point presentation accessed from the home screen, to see who the International and Florida winners were this year. If you click on ENTER to go to the Cornucopia screen, and go to Archives, or Culinary Events, you will find former Winners too.

Currently, Dave in is the process of setting up a slide show on the home screen that will feature ALL Cordon d' Or Winners throughout several years.

INTERNATIONAL CULINARY ACADEMY AWARDS: There are seven Awards in this Program - Hall of Fame; Culinarian; Life Achievement; Cooking School; Cuisine of the Year (awarded either to a country, an individual or a group); Chef (Executive or Celebrity Chef or Chef Educator); Entrepreneur. Nominees can be selected from any country throughout the world, and naturally will have direct connections with the culinary world. We had a very interesting nomination this year for the Hall of Fame - Benjamin Henry 'Hank' Kaestner 111. For those who are not familiar with his name, his career spanned over thirty to forty years with McCormick Herbs & Spices. He traveled the world and built up their superb range of Herbs & Spices. Much of his work has been documented and appeared in major national and international periodicals such as National Geographic. Many of the nominations received are for people who are authors, chefs, food stylists, celebrity culinarians, and others are connected one way or another with the culinary world. \

FLORIDA CULINARY ACADEMY AWARDS: There are seven Awards in the Program - Florida Hall of Fame, Florida Wines & Winery; Florida Fine Dining Restaurant; Florida Casual Dining Restaurant; Florida Entrepreneur; Sustainability on the Florida Culinary Scene; 'Great Tastes' - A Product grown or produced in the State of Florida. As indicated, all Nominees can be selected from anywhere throughout the State of Florida.


Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon has established a Culinary Internships Program, now under way. If you go onto the Cornucopia screen, you will find the link that takes you to the Internships screen. We were invited by Eckerd College to be their guest at their Internships Fair and lunch, this week, and enjoyed the opportunity to display our Internships Program at the event. Many years ago, while I was recovering from cancer, chemo and radiation, I took a part time job at Eckerd for two years as Assistant to the Dean of Internships. It got me out of the house daily, and kept my mind off the medical issues. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Eckerd and learnt a great deal about how Internships are organized. Prior to that, when I worked at Schiller International University, I organized and supervised the Hospitality Internships at the University. We are getting a great deal of interest from future Internship hosts in different arenas of the culinary world. If you are interested in being an Internship host in the future, please get in touch with us. Maybe, in time, an Intern will tell us that they would like to do an internship in an environment that you are involved with, and we can contact you - be it either a culinary magazine, an organic farm a winery, a restaurant or a culinary school. We would like to hear from you if you have any interest in this future opportunity, to mentor young Culinarians, in their search to gain knowledge and work experience through Internships.


Have a wonderful Fall season, and keep in touch to let us know your plans and activities for the future.


Kind Regards


Noreen Kinney


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