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            I hope you are enjoying the summer. So far, it has been very pleasant in Florida, with barely any humidity. However, we still have to get through the hurricane season, and we hope that all will be well for everyone.


            Major changes have taken place with Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon and the Culinary Academy Awards. Dave, our Web Master has completed the new Website, which is now 'live'. Please visit and review all the activities. The new HOME PAGE features a slide show of the 2007 Culinary Academy Awards held at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. Then, click on ENTER, and you will start your journey through the Website via CORNUCOPIA – the Horn of Plenty. You will see several links. Click on the topic that interests you. Some topics have their own Mini Site with its own Home Page.  Once you are on the Mini Home Page, ENTER the Mini Site and you will see the links connected to the item that interests you. You can zone in on the subject without delay. We hope the new Mini Sites will help you to navigate the Website with ease.






            The Culinary Academy Awards Program 2008 has revised its time frame.  Entries can be sent in to Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon at any time. The deadline for us to receive Entries is Friday, 31 October, 2008.


            We have received many inquiries about the 2008 Program, and full details can be seen on the new Website. Go to CORNUCOPIA and click on the link for the Culinary Academy Awards Program, above the very colorful 'Horn of Plenty'. You cannot help but notice the beautiful presentation of fresh fruits and vegetables. The photography was done by Braden and Kaufman. Bill and Dolores have done a lot of photography for us in the past decade. Sadly Bill is no longer with us. Dolores has a very impressive list of Credentials and we are honored to have her on our team, as her work is exceptional.


            The Culinary Academy Award Winners 2008 will be notified in early February 2009. The Award Presentations will take place at an elegant Gala Evening and Dinner held in May 2009;  hosted by Southern Wine and Spirits at the Tampa Bay Food and Wine Festival, at the Don CeSar Hotel on St. Pete Beach, Florida. The dinner is followed by a BUBBLE BASH overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The Beneficiary of the Event is the Abilities Foundation, who help disabled people to find employment and housing. The Tampa Bay Food and Wine Festival provides everyone with a golden opportunity to spend a few days in Florida, at a very elegant upscale venue right on the beach. May is a lovely month to visit Florida. You can mingle with international and local Culinary Celebrities and Chefs, and enjoy a great choice of food tasting and wines.....Yes, Napa Valley will be present in great numbers, displaying their wide range of excellent wines at the Festival.  Further details about the Culinary Academy Awards Gala Evening will be announced at a later date.





            The Florida Program is underway. Go to CORNUCOPIA and click on Florida – America’s Culinary Paradise.  On the Mini Site Home Page, ENTER, and you can view all Updates.  It is amazing to see the many different people associated with the Culinary Scene across the State, who are coming out of the woodwork. Did you know that there are over thirty Wineries in Florida?  Seventeen are licensed with the State of Florida. And, we have identified a true Culinary Entrepreneur and Star in our midst. You will have to go to the Florida section to read all about it.


            We are pleased to announce that a new Website is currently under construction for Florida – America’s Culinary Paradise, and we will let you know when it is ready. The organization – an umbrella group, will source and prioritize the culinary scene across the State of Florida. We will help local culinarians, and artisan food producers to plan, promote, publicize and showcase their culinary activities and businesses to the public, through our co-operative marketing opportunities and national promotions -  wherever they are located throughout the State. We will work with them, and together, we can all highlight Florida – America’s Culinary Paradise, as a Culinary Tourism destination.  SUSTAINABILITY  is the buzz word on the Florida culinary scene,  as our theme GREEN GROWS THE FLORIDA SCENE  moves forward.  Members of our core group are a cross section of people on the culinary scene, and we welcome culinary organizations, from restaurants to cooking schools, agricultural groups, organic food producers, farmers, Florida fisheries, tourism groups, culinary teachers and writers – you name it -  to join us!  Members will attain the Quality Assurance Mark that our Program will introduce.  This will identify our Members, and recognize their work and establishment as a part of Florida – America’s Culinary Paradise  at local, national and international levels.        







            Yes, the Tour is going ahead in September 2009.  Several who went on the former Culinary Tour of Ireland in 2006 have been in touch and want to join us again. We are pleased to announce that Bord Bia, the Irish Government Food Board; the Irish Dairy Board & Kerrygold Butter, and Baileys Irish Cream have graciously told us they will be Sponsors again, on the 2009 Tour.


            The Itinerary is different. However, we have again been invited to be guests of Bord Bia, the Irish Government Food Board in Dublin. Peter O' Connor spoke to me last week.  He mentioned that they will be very happy to arrange another visit to the Baileys Irish Cream Vineyards in Co. Wicklow.  Margaret Moran at the IDB and Kerrygold has graciously said she will arrange a visit on our travels, to see the world famous Irish Kerrygold butter, and a selection of Irish cheese too. I have touched base again this past week with Jay Warren of Warren Tours in PA. Jay handled the logistics of the former tour for us. It was a great success.  I gave Jay the Itinerary for the 2009 Tour, and we will work together again, to ensure that Taste Ireland 2009 Culinary Scenic Tour is equally successful and enjoyable for everyone who joins us.  If you are interested, get in touch, and let us know if you want to join the group.  Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 20-22 people.  We have requested John O’ Neill to be our Coach driver again. He was extremely popular with our previous group, and very entertaining company.  You can review the previous tour on the new Website. Go to  CORNUCOPIA and click on EMERALD ISLE -JEWEL IN THE CULINARY CROWN. On the Irish Mini Site Home Page, Enter, and you can review the 2009 Tour Itinerary.  Or, look back in time at the Reviews, Testimonials, Photographs, Itinerary and Press coverage on the 2006 Tour. And, there is a wonderful Slide Show to watch, with many excellent photographs sent to us by the Tour Participants.






            Several Academy of the Culinary Arts Members have been in touch with updated news on their activities. In the next Edition of Culinary Voices of America, we will feature Members News. Those who want to join the Academy are very welcome. Go to CORNUCOPIA, and click on the Academy link. Read the information, and if you wish, fill out the Membership Form and send it to us. Remember, Academy Members can nominate and vote for Culinarians to win the Culinary Academy Awards listed below -


Culinary Hall of Fame....Culinary Life Achievement.... Culinarian of the Year....Culinary Entrepreneur....Cuisine of the Year- awarded either to a Country or a Culinarian....Chef of the Year….Cooking School of the Year





            Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon would like to take this opportunity to express our good wishes and great success to one of our Academy Members, Dr. Edward Leonard.  Dr. Leonard, immediate Past President of the ACF – American Culinary Federation, is a former Winner of the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards. Last year, Dr. Leonard was nominated and voted on by our Academy Members to be inducted into the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Hall of Fame. He is leading the American Culinary Olympics Team of Chefs to the Culinary Olympics in Germany in October this year. We wish Dr. Leonard and his team great success at the Culinary Olympics 2008.


            Have a wonderful summer, and get your Entries into the Culinary Academy Awards Program 2008, or tell your friends and colleagues to consider it. By request, the non culinary 'Pot luck' category has returned.  The book (fact or fiction) does not have to be a culinary book, but is likely to have some type of connection to the food world. Perhaps the principle character in the book is a Chef or Culinary Teacher. Or, the book covers travels to far away places, and at some point, the text reflects the food scene and cuisine of the destination  visited.


            There are several New Award categories in the 2008 Program. One of these has been highlighted on CORNUCOPIA.  Click on ‘Culinary Masterpiece’ and read all about an exciting idea, where you can use your imagination, and put your artistic culinary talents to work.



            We want to take this opportunity to thank our Web Master Dave Simmons for all the hard work he did in setting up and designing the new Website.  Dave has done an excellent job. We gave Dave the concept of the Mini Sites and CORNUCOPIA,  and he went with it.  The Website is now very easy to follow for whichever topic one chooses to review.


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