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The roots of CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON go back a half century. It evolved through the culinary activities of NOREEN KINNEY across the world.  The idea was to elevate interest in good food and remove the stigma that cooking was a mundane daily chore; and raise interest in food to the level of recognition as a ‘Culinary Art’. It was the philosophy that Noreen followed from the start of her culinary activities as a teenager; and later through ‘Demonars’ and her articles, books, brochures and publicity materials published on her work. She applied the principles of CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON throughout her work –


Simplicity in Preparation

Quality and Style in Presentation

Where every dish becomes a

Culinary Masterpiece



            Noreen created the spectacular ‘Winter Wonderland’  dessert in 1960, which evolved from an idea that came to her after a memorable twenty four hour flight over the Italian and Swiss Alps from India to England. In the early 1970s, she took the plunge and decided to take her ideas on to the public stage.  She entered an international cookery contest at a major Food Trade Show in England, where she stressed the importance of food as a ‘Culinary Art’, and ‘Winter Wonderland’ was presented to the Judges as a ‘Culinary Masterpiece’. The dessert won the prize for originality and presentation. It was in an era when most entries in the Show, and food served at top hotels in Europe still adhered to the rigid and conservative nineteenth century Escoffier style of haute cuisine. Conformity in presentation superseded taste which was of secondary importance. Traditionally, everything was coated in aspic or gelatin, and hams looked as if they had been suitably embalmed and dipped in wax! No one dared to think outside the box, or start a new trend. The Judges at the Food Show were curious, polite and conservative, but admitted to being impressed at the idea of a new concept. Noreen was en route in a life long Culinary Odyssey.


            Following her success at the Food Show, Noreen promoted her ideas and principles in the culinary arena throughout the 1960s, during the 1970s and into the early 1980s. She contacted Paul Bocuse and the famous French Chefs Jean and Pierre Trogrois in France. Bocuse had begun La Nouvelle Cuisine, and all three Chefs encouraged Noreen in her plans to bring Nouvelle Cuisine to Ireland, and pioneer a new Irish cuisine. She initiated her ‘Culinary Tours’ throughout the Emerald Isle, and pioneered the movement to create the New Irish Cuisine. The ‘Tours’ were a great success. They created considerable excitement across the land and received tremendous publicity everywhere.  Coverage on Noreen’s early days in Ireland can be viewed via the Emerald Isle – Jewel in the Culinary Crown.


            In 1985, Noreen gave the title ‘CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON CUISINE’  to a new cook book. The upscale culinary image planned to take ‘the cuisine of tomorrow’  across the threshold from the 20th Century into the 21st Century. It adheres strictly to the contemporary French school of thought, which recognizes and encourages initiative, individuality and originality; and combines it with the simplicity and speed indicative of Asian style cooking. CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON  CUISINE incorporates the very best of all cookery – Classic, Eclectic, Global and Innovative. It is both national and international food, taken from a shrinking world, where nations have become inter-dependent, and food tastes are cosmopolitan. The book was published in Florida in 1995.


            Noreen moved to Florida in 1990, and immediately defined the name CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON  as the ‘Culinary Arts’  Accolade of the 21st Century. Cordon Bleu – Blue Ribbon belonged to the 20th Century. The supreme Accolade CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON  can be applied to any culinary arena at the pinnacle of its activities in the ‘Culinary Arts’  theatre. It is awarded for superlative standards at an international level.


            The time was right in 2003 to move forward and launch the Awards Program for the



Annual International





            CORDON D’ OR – GOLD RIBBON, the Accolade of the 21st Century continues to grow in prestige and stature on the Culinary World Stage, and celebrated its’ 21st Anniversary in 2006 in great style. NOREEN hosted a group of eighteen Culinarians from across the USA, Canada and England, on an Eight Day Culinary Tour of Ireland sponsored by several major Irish Sponsors: BORD BIA – the Irish Government Food Board;  IDB – Irish Dairy Board and Kerrygold; BIM – Irish Fisheries Board; Baileys Irish Cream; Irish Distillers; Guinness and a host of others. The Culinary Tour was a resounding success, and can be reviewed through the Emerald Isle – Jewel in the Culinary Crown.

            Today, the emphasis is on the  CULINARY ACADEMY AWARDS. The Tampa Bay area in Florida is now recognized internationally as home to the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Annual International Awards Presentations. Winners from across the world attend the event and accept their well deserved Accolades. Open to the Public, the event is an opportunity to meet and mingle with the Culinary Stars. Join us at the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon  Annual  International CULINARY  ACADEMY  AWARDS 


The Annual International



Go for it! Everyone loves to go for Gold


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