American Academy of Chefs - AAC

the prestigious Honor Society of the

American Culinary Federation - ACF

recently bestowed a great honor on

Noreen Kinney


Noreen has been duly elected an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs, in recognition of outstanding culinary achievement and service in the culinary profession in the United States of America.


The AAC - American Academy of Chefs Ceremonies to induct Honorary Fellows into their Society, was held at the ACF - American Culinary Federation Annual Convention in Texas. No one can apply to join the AAC. Honorary Fellows are nominated and unanimously approved by the AAC Board, before they are inducted into the American Academy of Chefs. It is a very exclusive and prestigious group of highly qualified and experienced Chefs and Culinarians.


In recent years, Noreen has received several honors. In 2008, she was  presented with the ACF President's Gold Medallion. In 2009, Noreen received a Life Achievement Award from the ACF, and was also honored with an Honorary Lifetime Membership to the American Culinary Federation. Noreen joined the select ranks of well known Chefs and Culinarians who have received this Accolade - Julia Childs, James Beard, Martin Yen, Paul Prudhomme, Charlie Trotter, Thomas Keller and Graham Kerr, to name a few.

Noreen lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, nearby to her two daughters and five grandchildren. She is recognized as the Pioneer of the New Irish Cuisine Movement (1960-1983), where throughout the Emerald Isle, she used only the name 'Noreen' which became synonomous with the very best of food found in Ireland. Noreen is a published author, and formerly a features journalist with the Examiner - Ireland's leading daily newspaper. Her double page 'Out & About with Noreen' appeared in the Examiner weekly supplement for 6 years, and went to readers in 17 countries.

After Noreen moved from Europe to Florida, Schiller International University approached her. They asked her to teach Restaurant and Dining Room Management, and Food Production at the head campus in Dunedin. Schiller has campuses in London, Paris, Madrid, Heidleburg, and 2 in Switzerland. Later, she was asked to take on the role of Executive Chef at Schiller. Noreen helped hospitality students with their Internships, as well as initiating a catering line of business for the University. Cancer intervened, and after surgery, chemo and radiation, Noreen worked part time for 2 years as Assistant to the Dean of Internships at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. She is a cancer survivor of 12 years. In 2006, Noreen organized a Culinary Tour of Ireland. She obtained Sponsorships from Bord Bia - the Irish Government Food Board; the Irish Dairy Board - IDB/Kerrygold; Baileys Irish Cream; Irish Distillers; Guinness; Cashel Blue Cheese; Irish Fisheries Board et al. The tour was a great success. Culinarians from across the States, Canada and the UK enjoyed a wonderful 8 day experience throughout Ireland as guests of the Sponsors. In recent years, Noreen did part time work for a Federal Government funded program in the Tampa Bay area, monitoring dining sites, day care centers and a meals on wheels service, to ensure health and safety regulaions were followed.

In the past decade, Noreen was often asked to judge culinary contests, including the Battle of the Bay annual event, to choose the best Chef and Restaurant in the Tampa Bay area. She also organizes the Annual Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon International Culinary Academy Awards presented to winners in the Culinary Arts arena and Cookbook Authors. Three years ago, the Florida Academy Awards was added successfully to the Program. Famous Culinarians and Cookbook Authors from across the States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia and Europe fly into Florida annually, to receive their Culinary Accolades. The Beneficiary of the annual Culinary Academy Awards Gala Event is the Abilities Foundation, who help disabled people find homes and work, and assist them to integrate socially into their communities. 

Currently, Noreen is working with CBS TV to host the 'Platinum Chefs' Contest in January 2012. The Contest is open to Restaurants or Culinary Events and their Food Product Suppliers. They will work together as a team, and the Chef can do a cooking  demonstration on TV. The Audience will vote for the Winner at the end of 12 weeks. See details at the link on the Home Page at or contact Noreen at






Noreen Kinney, Founder of Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards receives Honorary Lifetime Membership in the American Culinary Federation in recognition of five decades of contributions to the Culinary Arts worldwide.


Noreen Kinney with ACF President Dr. John Kinsella, CMC, CCE, WGMC, AAC

ORLANDO, FLA,   JULY 16, 2009 – Noreen Kinney, founder of the Cordon d’ Or - Gold Ribbon International Culinary Academy Awards, received honorary life membership in the American Culinary Federation (ACF) at  the ACF 2009 National Convention at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center, when the ACF gave her the Lifetime Achievement Award. The distinction was announced by the ACF outgoing president, John Kinsella, CMC, CCE, WGMC, AAC, on July 11 to more than 1,100 Culinarians assembled for the organization’s annual meeting.

In receiving the rare honor from ACF, Kinney join the ranks of culinary luminaries who have been likewise honored, among them Graham Kerr, Paul Prudhomme, Charlie Trotter, Martin Yan and the late James Beard and Julia Child.

(Announcement taken from the Press Release issued in Orlando after the Award presentation)


Noreen joins Master Chefs Dr. John Kinsella and Peter Timmins at the ACF opening General Session, when they cooked and presented a selection of contemporary Irish Cuisine dishes.

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Noreen and Dr. Kinsella


Noreen Kinney - President of Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon International Culinary Academy Awards was honored with the ACF - American Culinary Federation Predident's Medallion Award 2008. This Award was presented to Noreen by Dr. John Kinsella, President of the ACF, for her extensive work in the culinary field over several decades, and for her efforts to give back to the culinary world. Dr. Kinsella also thanked Noreen for the help she has shown promoting members of the American Culinary Federation.



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