Culinary Internships - Opportunities:


Found in many Culinary Arenas..., Cooking Schools...., Teaching....., Restaurants....., Organic Farms....., 'Hands-On' cooking with established Chefs...., Wineries....., Food & Beverage Services....., Hotels & Hospitality....., Catering...., Food Production...., Wine & Food Festivals...., Culinary Tourism...., Culinary Media - TV & Journalism...., Retail...., Wholesale...., Franchises...., Culinary Judging & Awards...., Publishing...., Public Relations & Publicity...., Community Activities...., Food Fairs & Trade Shows...., Culinary Entrepreneurial Activities.... The scope is extensive, with many additional Culinary fields available too.

Culinary Internships - Become a Mentor:


Cordon d' Or invites you and your organization to participate in the Culinary Internships Program. It costs you nothing financially. Open your door to welcome a Culinary Intern or two into your group. They can help you while you help the Intern(s) gain valuable practical experience in your Culinary arena. An Internship placement & assistance are central to the role of young Culinarians making decisions affecting their future career path. It gives them the edge on pursuing choices & jobs, as they become better equipped for the work force. It also gives them confidence and helps build their resumes. Internships can be for a 2, 3 or 6 months (optional). In turn, you will receive great benefits & satisfaction mentoring young people towards a bright and successful future.


Contact us by e-mail at or phone us in Florida at (727) 347-2437. We will be happy to help both parties come together in a beneficial manner.

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