Imagine a 'Still Life' Culinary Work of Art.  Why not 'CREATE A CULINARY MASTERPIECE'? Put your artistic culinary talents to work, and get the deserved recognition and exposure for your talents. Prepare a favorite, attractive and colorful presentation. It can be a single serving of food displayed, an interesting Dessert or a Main Course. Or, it can be a Buffet style array of foods.  Then, take your creation and put together a 'CULINARY MASTERPIECE' with the use of Props.  Give your Work of Art a Title when it is ready. 

Get the  'Culinary Scene' photographed, and send in two copies of the photograph and two typed copies of the recipes featured, to the Cordon d' Or Awards Program.  You can win a Culinary Academy Award.  Open to all Culinarians, Chefs, Food Stylists, Teachers, Demonstrators, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Recipe Developers, Menu Planners or any Culinary Professionals who wants their artistic talents to receive recognition. 

Unless you do your own photography, you will need to include a Photographer on your team and make it a double entry. Or, it could be a triple entry. Set up your team. One person cooks the food. A Food Stylist is asked to set up the presentation before a Photographer takes the winning photograph. Take a look at the selection of 'CULINARY MASTERPIECE' presentations on right of this page.

Get the idea? Now shift your imagination into full gear, and start your creative juices flowing.  Good Luck!


To access Entry Information & Entry Forms -  Go to the Cornucopia page, and click on the Link 'Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon International Cookbooks & Culinary Arts Awards Program 2011'   



         MOULIN ROUGE - A celebration of color


        TASTE OF THE RAJ - Hot 'n' Spicy Buffet    



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