Her former European passport listed her Profession – Gourmet! Life is a Culinary Odyssey for Noreen Kinney – Dinner in Bombay… Breakfast in Beirut… Lunch in Rome… Dinner in London.  One of Noreen’s many 24-hour culinary adventures.  Another regular trip was Lunch in Cork, Ireland… Dinner and Breakfast in Paris, France… Lunch in London, England. She has traveled the globe from a very early age, lived in several countries, and specialized in International cuisine.





            Noreen has been involved in the Culinary world since her early childhood. Her experience and work goes right across the board in the culinary arena. She is an International Culinary Arts Instructor and Demonstrator  (National and International cuisines, and in Restaurant and Dining Room Management); A Culinary Artiste;  Published Cookbooks  Author;  Celebrity Chef;  Culinary Features Journalist;  Restaurant Reviewer; Culinary  Spokesman/Promoter of many Culinary products and equipment;  Culinary Judge; and  Pioneer in several aspects of the Culinary Arts….












1996:  Bord Failte, the Irish Government Tourism Board, acknowledged Noreen as the Culinary Ambassador for Ireland


2002:  Bord Bia, the Irish Government Food Board recognized her as the Pioneer of the New Irish Cuisine.


2006:  In America, a well known Culinarian gave her the title  - ‘The Grand Dame of the Culinary Arts’ .


2008: The ACF – American Culinary Federation recognized Noreen’s  decades of work in the Culinary arena, and efforts to give back to the culinary community, and helping promote ACF Members.  She was awarded the ACF President’s Medallion Award 2008 by Dr. John Kinsella, President of the American Culinary Federation.

2009: The ACF - American Culinary Federation awarded Noreen the Life Achievement Award. and an Honorary Life Membership to the American Culinary Federation.

Noreen: Profile

* ACF-American Culinary Federation  Honorary Life Member & Life Achievement Award      


* ACF - American Culinary Federation President's Gold Medallion 2008 * Culinary Impresario

* Culinary Judge: FENI - National Chef Educator's Awards

* Slow Food - Florida - Governing Board Member

* Florida Food Policy Council  - FFPC - Board Member

* President of the annual international Cordon d' Or Culinary Academy Awards Program -

   sponsored by several organizations throughout Florida.

* Culinary Judge - Battle of the Bay (top Tampa Bay Restaurants)

* Culinary Tour to Ireland 2006 - Organizer of Tour, and arranged many sponsorships from

   the  Irish Government and other organizations in Ireland for the tour. Participants were

   from the USA, UK & Canada. Sponsored by the Irish Government - Bord Bia - Food Board,

   Irish Dairy Board/Kerrygold, Fishersies Board, Irish Distillers, Guinness, Baileys Irish

   Cream, Cashel Blue Cheese et al

* Monitor - Senior Dining Sites, Day Care Centers & MOW (meals on wheels) throughout

   Tampa Bay - 2005 - 2010  Federal Government funded program.

* Eckerd College - Assistant to Dean of Internships 2000-2002

* Culinary Judge at several Cooking Contests

* Author (Published) 'Cordon d' Or Cuisine - Noreen Kinney Introduces Gold Ribbon Cookery


* Culinary Educator in Restaurant/Dining Room Management & Food Production, &

   Executive Chef

   at Schiller International University. (Schiller has seven Campuses in Paris, London, Madrid,

   Heidelberg, Florida, and two in Switzerland). Developed a catering line of business for the

   University. Internships organized & supervised for hospitality students on Restaurant &   

   Dining Room Management & Food Production 

* Culinary Ambassador for Ireland since 1995

* Author (Published by Irish Publishers) - Cookbooks.....  Personal & Professional


* Catered numerous events in Ireland (1970s) for private and business clients, including

   Beamish & Crawford. In Ireland Guinness in Dublin was est in 1759. Beamish & Crawford

   in Cork was est in 1792

* Pioneer - New Irish Cuisine (1960-1985) - Culinary Demonars 'teaching sessions'

   arranged nationwide

* Features journalism  - Commissioned by the Examiner (Ireland's top daily publication)

   to provide a double page features section weekly for six years 'Out & About with Noreen'

   Readership was in 17 countries worldwide 

* Features journalism/photography - Commissioned by the monthly 'Social & Personal'  

   magazine, to provide a four page section covering Cork and Kerry, for four years

* Culinary Tours organized across Ireland (1960s - 1980s). Also called 'Demonars', the

   'tours' involved six 'three hour' teaching/demonstration sessions, sprinkled with

   entertaining culinary history, folklore, origins and fables surrounding the food, herbs &

   spices used

* TV & Radio Guest in Ireland throughout the 1970s.  

* Former Spokesperson in Ireland (1970s) for Le Creuset, Sunbeam, Tupperware, Irish

   Linen Mills, Belling Ovens, Gilbeys Wines, Baileys Irish Cream, Carrigaline Potteries,

   Vintners Irish Cutlery

* 'INTOFRUIT' - Gift baskets of Fresh Fruit nationwide service - 'Are You Into Fruit? Why

   Not Give A Gift!' (1983 - 1987)






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